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Personal Umbrella

What are the odds that someone might sue you for more than $300,000? Most people don't think it could happen to them, but everyday there are events that result in considerable lawsuits and substantial awards. In some cases, instances of simple carelessness have resulted in huge financial penalties. At Insurenex, we believe a Personal Umbrella policy plays a critical part of your overall financial protection. And the best part of all, this peace of mind comes with an average premium that is often well below $350 a year!

What You Need to Know
  • Your lifestyle, financial status, and existing coverage are all relevant, but in liability lawsuits, judgments often exceed net worth.
  • The liability coverage for your vehicles and your home may not be enough.
  • An umbrella policy can provide coverage for claims not covered by your auto, home, or income properties; coverage goes with you anywhere in the world.
Experience the INSURENEX Advantage
  • Get one-on-one guidance to make smart choices about your coverage.
  • Let us do the "shopping" for you by accessing policy options from over 15 nationally trusted brand name insurance companies.
  • Let our experienced licensed associates review your insurance needs and guide you through policy coverage features best suited for your lifestyle.
  • Get savings and additional discounts by combining and centralizing multiple policies -one point of contact, more convenience.
  • Count on real time support in the event of a loss or claim.
Auto Home Umbrella?
Auto Home Umbrella?

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