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Simplify your life. Build and organize your insurance portfolio with professional guidance, competitive pricing, and ongoing support.

Come to INSURENEX and discover the benefits of the AssetProtectTM Account.

Simplified. Organized. One Point of Contact.
  • Helps reduce gaps in coverage
  • Multi-policy and additional discounts
  • Saves you time and money as you build your insurance portfolio
  • Priority access for policy administration and claims support
  • Consulting and support services beyond Insurance
Start With a No-cost, No-obligation Consultation

All INSURENEX AssetProtectTM clients get a one-on-one consultation with an experienced licensed associate that includes a review of their current insurance policies, assessment for gaps in coverage, and recommendations for updating policy forms and coverage features that align with theirlifestyle and future goals.

An Ongoing Relationship to Support Your Changing Needs

As your lifestyle or personal assets change, so do your insurance needs. We're here to assist you every step of the way in person or by phone. Plus, you can count on real time support in the event of a loss or claim or when you need to make changes to your policy.

Consulting Services Beyond Insurance

Part of organizing your financial affairs towards building your estate requires consideration of additional steps and planning. Using our selective methods of choosing our key insurance providers, we've aligned ourselves with experienced independent licensed practitioners to provide you professional expert advice in specialized areas beyond insurance.

  • Estate Planning/Living Trust Creation
  • Business Formation
  • Retirement / Financial Planning
Auto Home Umbrella?
Auto Home Umbrella?

Build your insurance portfolio and get one-point-of contact.

Small Business
Small Business

Supporting entrepreneurs protect their vision and dreams.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Our health is everything. Is your health plan working for you?

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