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19 Jan, 2023

Are Your Grown Kids Properly Covered?

An adult son or daughter may think that, when a loss happens, coverage is available from mom or dad's homeowners or auto policy. It usually isn't, and finding this out after a loss is an unpleasant experience.
17 Jan, 2023

Joint Ventures

A joint venture is an entity formed by two or more businesses in order to pursue a specific purpose for a specified period of time. While some states require joint ventures to be legally filed, other states recognize any entity that meets the definition. A partnership differs from a joint venture as the former lasts indefinitely and its purpose may change.
12 Jan, 2023

Identity Theft

ID theft is a form of fraud that has been around for as long as there have been dishonest people. It is a high-profile problem because technology has created many more opportunities for this crime.
10 Jan, 2023

Electric Vehicles and Concerns

Additional developments such as combustibility, improper sources of batter replacement, and lack of access to charging stations, etc. are occurring which may affect the electronic vehicle market.
05 Jan, 2023

Saving Water Damaged Property

Salvage experts, property specialists and government agencies advise that quick action is critical when dealing with water-damaged property. Many types of personal property can be saved within 48 hours of being exposed to water.
03 Jan, 2023

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Business owners have a lot at stake when determining whether persons connected with their ventures are employees or independent contractors. The largest issue with making this determination involves taxes and insurance.
29 Dec, 2022

Emerging and Silent Insurance

Insurance tends to be conservative for various reasons. Chief among them is regulations. Insurance companies must comply with rigid state requirements regarding every aspect of their operations. Naturally, the regulatory situation becomes increasingly complex when operations include more than one state. No matter how agile or proactive an insurer may wish to be, its regulatory environment restraints its operations.
22 Dec, 2022

Holidays? Vacations? Coverage???

Many events often trigger a need to evaluate one's insurance landscape. It may spur a need to buy renters coverage, homeowners or auto policy or secure wedding coverage, an umbrella policy or endorsements for jewelry, etc.
13 Dec, 2022

How Insurance Handles New Exposures

Insurance, even in the 21st Century, is typically considered similar to an ocean liner: it is huge and, while it can adjust its course, it doesn't do so quickly or particularly with grace. In other words, it is often a long, painful process for insurance to work out how it deals with new or evolving exposures.
08 Dec, 2022

Need Flood Insurance?

Do you need flood insurance? Well, walk to the nearest mirror and ask the person you see if he or she owns much property that could be damaged or destroyed by water. If the answer is yes, then you should seriously consider buying flood insurance.
06 Dec, 2022

Insuring Electric Cars

Now, let's consider them from the aspect of insurance. The insurance availability for protecting electronic vehicles (EVs) mirrors what is happening with EVs themselves.
01 Dec, 2022

Bike V. Pedestrian Accidents

Homeowners (HO) coverage is valuable. Besides protecting us against the consequences of losses we may cause at our homes, HO policies also handle losses that occur away from home.
29 Nov, 2022

Trending: Electric Cars

The option of buying and operating an electric car is making considerable progress in the U.S. More consumers are seeking them as an alternative to traditional cars that operate on gas.
24 Nov, 2022

Be A Common-Sense Host

Holidays and special events often include celebrations that bring together families and friends in homes across the country. Food, fun, conversations and spirits flow generously. Unfortunately, such celebrations may be accompanied by injuries and accidents, especially when alcoholic drinks are involved. Increased drinking leads to an increased chance for a personal tragedy and the consequences can be substantial.
22 Nov, 2022

Dwelling Fire Coverage

The dwelling fire coverage form was once the only option for providing residential property insurance. Then, it only offered modest coverage for private (non-commercial) building property and personal contents. As time passed, the evolution of coverage forms with broader protection resulted in the program being replaced by the homeowners policy.
20 Nov, 2022

A Few ‘Non-Negotiables’ about Your Personal Umbrella Policy

So maybe you’re still on the fence about whether purchasing a personal umbrella policy is a good move for you and your family. Following is a list of “non-negotiables” — that is, these are the exposures your family may have that make having an umbrella policy a must.
17 Nov, 2022

Working From Home, Property Concerns

While many performing their jobs have long done so away from a traditional office, the viral pandemic created a tremendous surge of persons working from home (WFH).
15 Nov, 2022

Umbrella Insurance Features and the Risks it Won't Cover

The features of an umbrella policy can vary widely, and determining the functionality of the policy can assist you in considering what policy is best for your business.
15 Nov, 2022

Electronically Stored Information

For various reasons, you may be required to reproduce and share Electronically Stored Information (ESI).
10 Nov, 2022

Working From Home, Liability Concerns

In "Working From Home, Property Concerns," we discussed a need created for persons who may be required to work from home.
08 Nov, 2022

Expectations of Hard and Soft Markets

Let's discuss how hard and soft markets can affect your business.
08 Nov, 2022

Introduction to Hard and Soft Markets

If underwriters do a good job of writing business with adequate rates and investors do a good job of investing, companies profit.
03 Nov, 2022

Smart Homes Create More Risk

Private residences are increasingly hubs of connected devices including alarm and security systems, computing devices, dishwashers, etc. While these devices enhance the home environment, they can come with a dark side.
01 Nov, 2022

Worker Safety, Injury Causes

In this article, we continue to share examples and ways to improve dangerous situations.
27 Oct, 2022

Take Care When Renting Out Residence

In recent years, a trend has gained substantially greater interest among travelers. To save costs, and for other reasons, such as gaining a more authentic travel experience, it has become increasingly popular to rent out residential space temporarily.
25 Oct, 2022

Worker's Safety, Avoiding Dangers

In this part begin sharing examples and ways to improve dangerous situations.
20 Oct, 2022

Earthquake Safety

Earthquakes appear to be making frequent headlines around the world. Earthquakes are not like severe weather that can be tracked and anticipated.
18 Oct, 2022

Workers Compensation

The workplace is an extremely common setting for a person to be injured. The Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Policy are used to provide insurance coverage that usually involves paying for medical treatment and disability and handles lawsuits from injured workers.
04 Oct, 2022

Do You Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Coverage to protect you against many employment-related claims is available, known as Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).
29 Sep, 2022

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance protects you financially from losses related to the home you own or are purchasing. (If you rent your home, you would need insurance for renters.)
27 Sep, 2022

Guard against Cyber Attacks with Cybersecurity Insurance

Ransomware attacks are among the latest, costly means by which hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of computers have been infected throughout the world. Learn more about how to guard your business and technology against cyber attacks.
22 Sep, 2022

Different Commercial Umbrella Policy Types

Did you know there are different commercial umbrella policy types? This blog explores the different types of commercial policy types. Call and speak to a Trusted INSURENEX team member to discuss what commercial umbrella policy best fits your business needs.
20 Sep, 2022

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance for Your Business?

Insurance considerations for businesses can be many and overwhelming, and even with the best coverage in place, there can still be limits. That’s where a commercial umbrella policy comes in.
16 Sep, 2022

Umbrella Insurance: 5 Common Questions

Umbrella Insurance: What is it? How does it work? What should I know as a consumer to protect my business and personal interests? Here are 5 common questions about Umbrella Insurance.
14 Sep, 2022

What is Umbrella Insurance?

What are the details of umbrella insurance and what does it cover?
05 Jul, 2022

Worker Safety, Overview

A major element that defines whether a person is an employee is if their time and actions are under control of another party. Since employers control where and when their employees work, they have a major obligation to make sure they are provided with a work environment that is safe.
22 Mar, 2022

Liquor Liability Coverage

Many businesses have the majority of their exposures against lawsuits covered by a general liability policy. However, business owners and managers often overlook their responsibility for losses related to alcoholic beverages. A typical liability policy for a business excludes losses that involve:
17 Mar, 2022

Real Estate Agents And Brokers Professional Liability

Real Estate Agents and Brokers Professional Liability Policy protects against loss due to wrongful acts committed by a real estate agent in the course of providing realty services.
15 Mar, 2022

Professional Liability

Increasingly, professionals and certain occupations need special insurance protection as they are targeted by lawsuits. This is due to the high standard of accountability under which they operate.
17 Feb, 2022

Worker Safety, More Corrective Action

In this article, we continue to share examples and ways to improve dangerous situations.
15 Feb, 2022

Worker Safety

In Worker Safety, Overview we discussed the importance of addressing slips and falls by employees. In this part begin sharing examples and ways to improve dangerous situations.
10 Feb, 2022

Worker Safety, Avoiding Dangers

A major element that defines whether a person is an employee is if their time and actions are under control of another party. Since employers control where and when their employees work, they have a major obligation to make sure they are provided with a work environment that is safe.
08 Feb, 2022

Handling a Cellular Distraction

A business that deals with over-the-road transportation is highly concerned with substantially minimizing accidents. Vehicle accidents, besides interrupting work and creating loss of business property, have much wider consequences. Accidents also cause serious damage to public and private property and, more significantly, create injuries and even fatalities.
03 Feb, 2022

Coverage For Business Autos

Many businesses are exposed to the financial consequences of their ownership, use or maintenance of vehicles used in their operations. Most coverage needs can be handled by a Business Auto Policy (BAP) or similar form which cover operations such as:
01 Feb, 2022

Commercial Auto Symbols

Have you ever, during a particularly wild moment, closely examined the insurance policy that covers your business vehicles? If so, you may have noticed the little numbers that appear next to each listed coverage. Hopefully you're familiar with these numbers and their meaning. If not, please see below.
27 Jan, 2022

Umbrella Vs. Excess Coverage

A business usually will buy liability coverage for two chief areas. One is to handle its routine, premises liability. The second is to handle liability that is related to the actions a business performs away from its premises or that may address its professional-level obligation it owes to others while providing products, goods and services to others. A business that uses vehicles, mobile equipment, watercraft and/or aircraft must consider liability protection for those exposures too.
25 Jan, 2022

Policy Insurance Limits

If you examine the insurance policy covering your business, you'll see an insurance limit. For instance:
20 Jan, 2022

Contractual Liability

A business that harms another party or damages/destroys property that belongs to another party may be sued or prosecuted. Larger businesses protect against their liability to third parties with a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. An insurance company provides a CGL under some assumptions about the type of losses it is willing to cover.

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